Settlement Counsel – Publications/Articles

  • A “Best Practice” ADR Strategy in IP Litigation
    The Separate but Complementary Roles of Settlement Counsel and Trial Counsel

    Miller, Charles E. and Morgan, Peter W., Bright Ideas, New York State Bar Association, 17 N.Y. St. B. Ass’n 3, (Fall 2008)
  • Settlement Counsel: What is It? Why Should You Care?
    ABA Dispute Resolution Conference (April 4, 2008)
  • Settlement Counsel: You Will Want to Know About This!
    Johnsen, Joan Stearns, Esq., Pacific Currents, Annual Meeting of the ADR Section of the ABA (April 3-5, 2008)
  • The Potential Benefit of Using Settlement Counsel
    William Crenshaw, Mealey’s Litigation Report: Class Actions October 4, 2007, Vol 7, Issue #15
  • The Movement Toward Early Case Handling in Courts and Private Dispute Resolution
    John Lande, Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution, January 6, 2008
  • The Potential Benefits of Using Settlement Counsel
    Crenshaw, William (of Powell Goldstein LLP, Washington DC), Mealey’s Litigation Report, Class Actions (Vol. 7, No. 15, October 4, 2007)
  • When ‘Winning’ is the Expensive Solution
    Bryan, Kathy A., Legal Times, ©2007 ALM Properties Inc. (Week of April 16, 2007, Vol. XXX, No. 16)
  • The Mediation Handbook: Effective Strategies for Litigators
    Murray, O. Russel, (Bradford Publishing 2006)
  • Using Settlement Counsel
    Murray, O. Russel, The Mediation Handbook: Effective Strategies for Litigators (Bradford Publishing 2006)
  • The Strategic Lawyer
    Chanen, Jill Schachner, ABA Journal (July 2005)
  • Why Litigators Should Use Settlement Counsel
    James E. McGuire, CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution, June 2000
  • Aggressive ADR?
    Wagner, John Leo, ABA Section of Business Law, Business Law Today (May/June 1999)
  • The Case for Settlement Counsel
    William F. Coyne, Jr., 1999,
  • Using Settlement Counsel for Early Dispute Resolution
    Coyne, Jr., William F., Negotiation Journal 11 (January 1999)
  • Lawyers as Negotiators
    Mendelsohn, Gary, 1 Harvard Negotiation Law Review 139 (Spring 1996)
  • He Who Pays the Piper
    Fisher, Roger, Harvard Business Review (March/April 1985)