What we do

Is a litigated result the only winning exit strategy?

The Traditional Landscape:

While it is often essential to aggressively press your case, a trial to the bitter end is rarely the best solution. Trials are expensive and results are difficult to predict. Trial dockets and appeals assure delays. Business has long recognized the certainty and value of a negotiated settlement.

The Challenge:

How do you optimize the resolution? Know what you need, focus resources, and create opportunities. While you can’t force the opposing party to agree, you can do the next best thing – create an environment where resolution options are more likely to occur and stand ready to take advantage of them.

The Solution:

We serve as our client’s resolution advocates. We overcome adversarial bias, open the door to productive negotiations and expedite the exchange of information the parties need to make business decisions. We advocate for a resolution as a matter of smart business, not out of fear of a litigated result. We work closely with trial counsel to help ensure our client’s legal leverage is enhanced.

Focus brings results. We have developed an approach we know assists our clients in better understanding the dynamics of what it will take to resolve their challenge. Aggressive Resolution Management™ is a foundation for dispute analysis and resolution planning designed to define and maintain focus on the optimal exit strategy.