For many years Resolution Strategies limited its practice to the role of settlement counsel as it focused on developing and promoting the role of settlement counsel.  Many of the attorneys and clients we worked with kept requesting that we bring our proven approach to dispute resolution to mediations.

We will now serve as mediators in certain cases.  Please use the Contact page to inquire or call us directly at 503-226-2800.

Resolution Strategies Approach to Mediations

The particular methodology we employ to help reach negotiated resolutions in our settlement counsel work is valuable in any dispute resolution context.  We are firm believers in proper preparation for any mediation.  This will include mediator calls and/or meetings with each side (attorney and client) prior to the scheduled mediation session.  Note, in our mediations the mediation starts with these initial meetings/calls to ensure that all communications are properly protected under state/federal mediation and settlement confidentiality protections.

During these initial communications, we often learn things that we know will be essential to the parties being in position to make a business decision at the mediation session.  In that event, we will set up a process to address what is missing.  That might include, for instance, the need to exchange information or for one or both parties to prepare or refine their risk assessment.  In any event, we do not hold the mediation session unless each side is prepared and in a position to make the decisions necessary to a productive mediation session.

Impasse is a frequent occurrence in mediations, but we do not take impasse lightly.  We have a reputation for pressing the parties past unsuccessful mediation sessions – and work hard to help the parties eventually reach a resolution.  As with most mediations, it is not unusual for some of our cases to be resolved by the end of the scheduled formal session, but perhaps more unusual, some of our matters have continued for many months (or longer) as we forge a solution to complex situations.

If you have a difficult case where you think our approach might be helpful, we would welcome your inquiry.