Special counsel for special situations

Who:  We have represented Fortune 100 companies, national, international and regional companies, governmental entities, class action litigants, as well as individuals, on a wide range of matters.  Our focus is principled, negotiated resolutions and we welcome any matter where our clients are in a disagreement, at an impasse, or are at the classic point “this case can’t be settled.”  We have represented plaintiffs and defendants.

What:  Our work has included a wide range of matters, nationally and internationally, including complex commercial disputes, intellectual property matters, class-actions, institutional sex abuse matters, financial institution litigation, shareholder disputes and governmental disputes, among other matters.

When:  We have been retained at every stage of a dispute – pre-litigation, during litigation, immediately pre-trial and on appeal.

Risk Assessment and Outcome Analysis:  We learned when we were in-house that there is no substitute for a concise evaluation of a matter when communicating with business clients.  We developed a unique 1-page assessment of a matter that has proven to be very valuable to our clients and their trial teams.

Our Risk Assessment and Outcome Analysis provides our clients with an independent view of the risks of the matter as well as our view of the range of likely outcomes.  More important than the numbers in the assessment, this tool helps align client and the trial team on what is at stake and the challenges of the case.  More and more, we find our clients seeking our involvement at the outset of a potential risk event to assist in the initial evaluation and building the strategic plan for the case.

Settlement Counsel and EDR Background Please see the additional background on the role of settlement counsel and Early Dispute Resolution (EDR) we have provided that will assist those unfamiliar with the very welcomed, and successful, disruptive innovation.

Profile: Special counsel for special situations